Miembro Fundador de la Cámara de Surveyors del Uruguay


Oribe Representaciones Ltda was created in 1976 in Montevideo, Uruguay; initially specialized in the inspection of a variety of goods on behalf of traders, shippers, receivers, investors and contractors worlwide.

Our objective has always been to offer our clients high quality services in the field of Superintendence activities, Representation, Custom Broker, Commercial Management & Documents Forwarding, Shipment logistic, Advising to Banks and finance companies,  warehousing certificates and warrants Issues, stocktaking and fumigation services.

Therefore, today, we are able to provide to our clients our experience obtained through our 4 decades of profuse labor in the areas previously mentioned.

The following are a portion of the inspection services offered at most major ports worldwide by ORIBE and its affiliates. Please contact us to discuss your specific inspection needs.

  • Grading / Quality Inspection
  • Quantity / Weight Ascertainment
  • Marine and Insurance Survey
  • Damage Survey
  • Container Stuffing/Discharge Supervision
  • Supervision of Loading, Discharge and Distribution


Quality Inspection

Oribe has established their own operating procedures and guidelines for quality inspections based upon experience, standards and formal quality plans.
Our goal is to satisfy the needs of our customers. As a part of this and our quality management system we are always committed to bringing new abilities to enhance your business with us.

Quantity / Weight Ascertainment

Supervision of weighing, draft survey, ullage/sounding or other methods of quantity/weight ascertainment are applied by Oribe.
Oribe has fully qualified surveyors capable of performing inspection of quantity and weight to formalized operating procedures.

Supervision of loading

Oribe provides complete supervisory services at every stage of cargo transportation and distribution as supervision prior to shipment, superintendence of loading and discharge, sampling, weight ascertainment and monitoring of cargo distribution.


Oribe undertakes fumigation and disinfestation operations and/or their control for the purpose of preventing contamination of agri products and places in which they are loaded or stored.
These operations are carried out by the Oribe's fully qualified staff considering the choice of appropiate chemicals, methods and dosage stipulated under strict supervision.

Microbiological Analysis

Oribe offers a wide portfolio of microbiological analysis that allow you to secure the quality of your products in accordance with the requeriments of the market.

Chemical Analysis

Oribe provides services of analytical control specialized on such products as cereals, oilseeds and their by-products.

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